Facebook Wi-Fi: What you need to know

Oct 4, 2022Our Blog, Social

Facebook WiFi

Facebook Wi-Fi is a newly introduced feature that allows businesses to activate their existing Wi-Fi and offer it to customers for free. When introducing this new element to your business, it is essential to know precisely how this can impact your customers and your company.

Attract More Visitors
Facebook Wi-Fi is promoting this feature as a tool to attract online and in-person visitors. They have made this feature a tool for additional online outreach. When checking in person for the business’ Wi-Fi, you can direct them to your website, social media platforms, etc. Both can be extremely productive when increasing your online presence.

Learn About Your Visitors
Facebook Wi-Fi is also being marketed as a feature to learn more about your visitors. They explain that you can use this to see how many people have checked in if they are new or returning, and then gain more insight into their consumer base. Also, adding this feature provides a seamless way to market this feature to your company’s segmented audiences.

Facebook Wi-Fi has one goal, targeted outreach. This tool provides expansive outreach that is unlike any other feature Facebook offers. More specifically, it provides a way to reach two goals via one method. It is attracting consistent and new audiences while gaining consumer information. These complimentary features have allowed Facebook Wi-Fi to market to a wider group of audiences but are still specific enough to facilitate conversions.