The Evolution of Social Media for Business

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The Evolution of Social Media for Business

A new report from Informate Mobile Intelligence, shows exactly how attached Americans are to their smartphones and their social media networks. According to this latest research, people in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day. Good or bad, it is here to stay and if you are serious about telling your story and creating awareness, you must evolve. Since consumers are spending more and more time engaged with handheld media, it is a huge opportunity for new marketing techniques.  However it all comes down to engagement and conversion.

With the Google and Facebook duopoly already representing three quarters of the US online display ad market it’s clear that having a sophisticated strategy for these platforms can set you up well for your overall digital marketing approach. Here are five ways in which even novice marketers should be adapting their strategies going into the new year.

Don’t get lost in the noise, but get out there

In other words, create content that you know resonates with your target prospects or current customer base. Plan your content around your communication priorities and when you need to be in front of your customers.   For example, if you are a pool cleaning company, post about winterization tools in Oct and November. Even better, talk about resurfacing benefits just before the resurfacing season starts. And for the record, your audience is not sitting around waiting to hear from you, so don’t feel like you have to post at scheduled times.  That is nonsense.

Social Media For Business

Plan social media together, but tailor the exposure to the platform

Social media channels have their nuances and their quirks, but they enable advertisers to get their message in front of a wide audience.   Each has a little different reach and consumer behavior. However, posts should delivered at the same cadence across all platforms. This will help create a synergy of the brand.

Adapt content to platforms

Each channel has a different type of consumption and each may need a different content approach.   For small business owners, TV may not be an option and let’s be honest, other local approaches will likely have a higher ROI. For example, Facebook users tend to spend more time on it than other mediums and the right headline can capture interested parties for a longer read.  Twitter, on the other hand, is a great place to deliver a bumper sticker comment with a click through to the post. One is news the other is news lite.

Either way, about 90% of your audience will buzz right by your post, but they will see it.  Make sure you have your brand front and center and at a minimum, capture the impression.

Measure what actually matters

Engagement, shares and likes matter on all platforms.  Don’t focus on conversion to the website or direct sales.  If you are, you are not measuring the true tools of social media, AWARENESS and CREDIBILITY! Interim digital measures are always going to be difficult to compare like for like between channels. Discovering the actual real world results are far more concrete.

It’s all about the content

If you skipped over the rest and only read this, then you are fine! Bottom line, CONTENT is the best tried and true way to create brand connection, trust, credibility, reach, and ultimately influence.  If our consumers find our content valuable they’ll still choose to share it. Concept2Completion are marketers and brand creators.   We love helping business cut through the noise to create content and reach consumers.   The game is changing, let us help you evolve.

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