Why you NEED Video in your Marketing Strategy

Sep 26, 2021Our Blog

Video is at the top of the food chain for the most engaging type of content.

Video is a 2 for 1: a combination of audio and visual senses; and our brain LOVES it. Studies show that viewers retain 95% more of a message when watched in a video compared to 10% when read. In addition, 93% of communication is non-verbal and imagery has the power to connect to views both cognitively and emotionally.

Video is a game-changing marketing tactic because it grabs your target audience’s attention, improves your SEO ranking and converts prospects through the funnel. Further, video builds trust with consumers and encourages social media shares. Marketers also have the capability to track performance through video engagement analytics.

Choosing the appropriate type of content for your brand’s video marketing depends on your strategy. A few types include: customer testimonials, demonstration videos, explanation videos, and personalized videos should:

  • Assign who will be creating the content
  • Determine what your video content will accomplish
  • Outline the primary video topics
  • Establish where the content will go live
  • Determine how performance will be measured

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