Digital Thrives on Data – 6 Content Tips for Social Media and Web

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Digital Thrives on Data – 6 Content Tips for Social Media and Web

Digital and Social Media Marketing relies on content and data. For modern branding, content is the fuel that feeds the digital fire.

So what do we do if we want people to visit our website or learn about our business? We should provide relevant and valuable content on a regular basis. Below is a quick checklist to consider when creating and delivering content.

  1. We must establish credibility from the onset

The first step in the credibility journey is modernizing our website for mobile. We should make sure our website is mobile responsive, fast and modern. Use this link to find out:

Another critical feature is bragging about your client interactions. Customer/client testimonials ago a long way establishing and maintaining credibility. Get those testimonials up on your site and social media. Lastly, create content that is attractive and social media that isn’t selfish. Take this post for example. We are not asking for a thing; we are just giving suggestions and providing expertise.

  1. We should help our visitors take action

As Gary Vee says, don’t sell, GIVE! This means we give away our intellectual property for free. Maybe it means a providing a free whitepaper or free shipping on the first order, but we should be giving our prospects and clients a reason to do business with us.

If your prospects get beyond the landing page or are interested in our value proposition, what compels our candidate to take the next step? We should provide our visitor the opportunity to learn more or contact us for follow up. We cannot help them if they do not know what to do. It is ok to ask.

  1. We are always consumer focused

It is not about us, the advertiser or marketer; it is all about the reader, the prospect. Lose the jargon and simplify things. People today crave simplicity, so keep our prose simple if we want to succeed.

Imagine standing with our prospect at and having a conversation. Write from that vantage point, and we will quickly articulate the features and benefits of our product/service.

  1. We know whom we are trying to help

Today we must be granular in our communication. The digital marketing game has changed. We must be fast, to the point and focused. The digital and mobile space requires speed and ease of connection.

Think about how you surf or shop. Many of us usually use a smartphone with one hand scrolling and rarely hitting links. For millennials, it is the only way.

We should do our best to understand our consumers or visitors by profiling your current customers and see what channels or segments emerge. Through understanding each key layer, we can create a message with relevance and purpose, meaning more conversion.

  1. Ask to be connected. Start the relationship

Ask our visitors to take the next step, but make the time investment low.

If you are like us, we are indeed interested connecting with our future clients. We want to make it easy for them to find out about us because it is our job to start the relationship. It is important to be helpful at this stage and be available for follow-ups. Some businesses are investing chatbots, the hottest new trend for 2018. At the very least, invite our new friend to share something about them. Merely add the question, “Why are you here?” somewhere on your contact page.

  1. Just Do It

As content and connections grow, we will learn on the fly what works, and we will learn about our customers. This is a never-ending journey, and commitment to communication and content is the key to the new digital age.

We are here to help. Our goal is to help our clients be the best in communication both internally and externally. If you want to learn more or would like a digital footprint review, please reach out.

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