Stuart & Blackwell

Jan 19, 2023 | 0 comments

Problem: Unclear Direction

Cory and Kristy are the best at what they do, but they didn’t tell anyone, let alone the RIGHT AUDIENCE! They had little social media and their website didn’t clearly define their core competency. They were not reaching their ideal clientele.

Cory and Kristy only relied on traditional marketing methods and had no digital marketing plan. Their messaging was so unclear, and their reach so off target that they were left sifting through poor, unqualified leads.

Solution: Brand Clarity & Digital Ads

Cory and Kristy decided it was time to redefine their brand and bring in more of the kind of cases they loved… Adoption! Developing clear messaging and presenting the right content helped to showcase their expertise and passion for bringing families together.

Through blogs, video ads, photos, and stories, across multiple platforms, C2C was able to directly target their ideal audience.

Results: Triple the Revenue

And they’re off! Social media reach has increased exponentially, paid ads are generating over 50% of their website traffic, over 40 new, qualified leads per month and both attorneys are at capacity!

Today, they now have a website and a digital presence that clearly represents the true leaders in adoption that they have always been, but no one knew about!