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We have a proven strategy and impeccable track record for driving new traffic and generating results to help your law firm grow.


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What our dental marketing services do for you


Dental Website Design

Make a great first impression on new prospects with a powerful and professional website that’s built to capture new patients.


Dental Digital Advertising

Capture attention and acquire new patients through digital advertising that works. By leveraging strategic keywords and search terms, we can get you in front of the prospects looking for your dental practice.


Dental Marketing & PR

Build a strong brand, generate engaging content, and maintain a strong reputation with our marketing and PR services.


Dental Social Media

Attract new patients, gain valuable consumer insights, and build patient loyalty by leveraging the power of a strong social media strategy.


Dental SEO

Optimize your online visibility through SEO by utilizing strategic content and website best practices to acquire the attention of prospective patients.


Dental Video & Photography

Engage your audience with professional, relevant video and photography that resonates with patients and prospects alike.

“I can’t even begin to tell you what they have done for our practice. C2C is incredible and changed our business quickly. I mean they really did everything.

Dr. Shadow


Local Dental marketing Case Study


Lack of Strategy and No Growth

The local practice had no external marketing strategy or time to work on one. Relying on word-of-mouth referrals alone was preventing growth. The office needed help.



We developed and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy using lead generation ads, SEO, and targeted marketing.  We also implemented PPC/Digital Ads, Content Creation, and Search Engine Optimization.


Doubled Clients / Company Acquisition

In just over a year, traffic doubled, appointments doubled, and the doctors opened two new offices and hired two new orthodontists. Now, this practice is home to the top orthodontist in their market.


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