Website SEO and Speed is the key to winning online business and building brand credibility

Oct 3, 2022Our Blog

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A website embodies your brand’s identity and leaves a lasting impression on prospective consumers. Updating your website can quickly increase traffic, boost brand image, and generate leads, providing a better online user experience. Here are three indicators that your company’s website might need a facelift.

Check Website Health using these three links:

  1. Run a quick Google Mobile Test to ensure your site is 100% mobile friendly.
  2. Run our C2C deep SEO analysis to ensure your site shows up for search engine keywords representing your business.
  3. Check your website speed at to ensure your site passes all speed and functionality tests.

All these tests are free and a great start to finding out how healthy your site is.

Website Design
Your website’s design should reflect your company’s overall brand image. Digital design trends can change rapidly, so observing and updating your site is crucial. Maintaining consistency across your platforms will give customers trust and a better understanding of you. The aesthetics of your site can be a deciding factor for doing business with you. Check your competitors to see if you stack up.

A functional website is the first step in analyzing your website. Is it performing fast? An updated website design will allow customers to navigate your page on newer devices easily, and

A well-designed and functional site can help meet your goals because communicating your brand identity across your website helps deliver the right message to your customers. The written delivery of your brand must bolster a commanding presence online. Clear communication can give online users a better understanding of your company. These factors are essential when considering customers and their interest in your brand.

We should evaluate the website’s design, functionality, and aesthetics every quarter. This brief page-by-page review can determine if it is time to update it.

Think of your website as the entryway to your home. We want our home to be clean, pretty, and easy to navigate. Obstacles like slow load times or dated images have no place in this modern digital age.

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