5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked!

Nov 1, 2021Social

social media myths

While social media marketing continues to evolve, there are still myths and misconceptions that exist as far as using social media as a marketing tool.

Today, we’re debunking 5 popular social media myths!

Social Media Marketing Myth 1: I Am Successful If I Have a Large Number of Followers.

False. Brands often evaluate their success on social media based on their number of followers. However, what truly matters is a social media strategy that directly connects and engages with the brand’s ideal client. If you are consistently engaging and providing value to your followers, growth will come naturally.

Also, DO NOT buy fake followers!! Trust us, this will only hurt your account. Instagram cracked down on third-party apps that boost your account using fake followers and likes late last year.

One loyal, engaging connection is tremendously more valuable than one thousand followers that don’t engage with your brand! Besides, fake bots will never buy your product or service.

Social Media Marketing Myth 2: The More Content the Better. You Have to Post Multiple Times a Day.

False. It’s a far better strategy to create quality content over quantity. It’s not necessary to post multiple times a day, in fact, it may turn away followers. As long as you are posting quality content, consistently, you will stay top-of-mind. There’s no need to annoy your followers with 100 posts a day!

Tip: Boost your engagement by posting when your followers are most active. You can view this data in your account’s insights!

Social Media Marketing Myth 3: You Must be on Every Social Media Platform.

False. It’s important to identify your target audience before creating accounts on every social media platform possible. Knowing where your brand’s ideal customers hang out with help you determine which social platform to put your time and energy into.

In essence, identify your target audience then analyze social media demographics to see where to drive your brand’s social media presence.

For example, if your ideal client is a female, age 18-29, lives in an urban area and makes an income of $30K-$49K, Facebook is your best bet.

For a full analysis of 2019’s social media demographics, check out Sprout Social

Social Media Marketing  Myth 4: I Can Sell on Social Media Simply by Pitching my Product or Service.

False. Your followers do not want to be bombarded with your sales and marketing pitches every time they open up social media.

It’s important to create value for your followers. Ask yourself WHY you personally follow certain brands/companies. Create content that is educational, inspirational, entertaining and so on.

Once you engage with your followers, then you can lead them down the marketing funnel to potentially land a lead. According to Better Marketing, The goal is to provide customers with the kind of information that will entice them to try your product.”

Social Media Marketing Myth 5: I can see Results Immediately.

False. Building a social media presence takes time and consistency.

In fact, “Most businesses need to be willing to work on community building for 6-12 months before they can expect consistent and predictable results.”

Create realistic expectations within your social media strategy. Building a social media following takes time, trust, consistency, engagement and more.

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