The Key to a Great Brand is Storytelling

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We have a choice every day.  Coke or Pepsi, Starbucks or local, Southwest or American, Wal*Mart or Target.  Each of these choices has as much to do with price as it does not.  However, each makes us feel a different way.  How do our favorite brands make us feel and why?

What do we mean?

For all of these products or offerings, the ingredients and product are nearly identical.  There are a few nuanced differences, but they all deliver virtually same feature and benefit.

However, what is different about each?  What makes us feel right about that brand?  Is it the story each share.  Is it the experience each provides or maybe it is the trustworthiness each provides?   A brand is a promise, and a good story shares that promise in a relatable and palatable way.

Take for example the local coffee shop.   Usually, this is a great story.  Family owned, 5% of proceeds from your purchase will be donated to a charity, you see the owners at the grocery store.  Then you have Starbucks.  The consistency, the smell, the color.  Both are the same price, but who has the opportunity to tell a better story?  This is where small business can win.

Storytelling is the focus of marketing and branding.  There are more choices than ever and one our goal is to invite consumers to connect to the brand, “our promise.”   The best way to do this is through the story.

Big name corporations like Nike, Starbucks, and Microsoft have already mastered the art of storytelling to sell their products.   The story and experience are why we pay $3.00 for a $.50 cup of coffee.

Let’s build a few advocates.  Here are a few tips.

Components of a great story

A great story gives us a reason to invest time and emotion.

Establish what your brand is all about

At C2C, we always start with the “why” of how our organization came into being and why we do what we do.  What makes you tick?  Even if you are working for someone else, we still have a why.  It is the Vision, mission and core values of the organization and us.

Create a character

We must have the main character.  This is usually a person, but it can also be a cause.  We are not interested in your triumphs; we are interested in your humanity.  Don’t bore with the former and enchant us with the latter.

Illustrate the changes

According to an article from Nick Morgan Contributor for Forbes, a great story must be relatable and show a moment of transition.  The breakthrough.  For C2C it was the realization we enjoyed helping people be the best they can be through brand and marketing.

With this in mind, create a brand story that illustrates how your organization has changed over time, the challenges that you overcame, the people you have helped and those who’ve made it all happen.

Include a call to action

George Bradt says it perfectly, Great communication changes people.  It changes the way they feel. It changes what they do. The secret to inspiring others is connecting an idea or a vision with hope or a need.  When developing your story, consider what you want the result to be.   We should ask our self what do we want our brand interactions to convey and how should people take action.

As Network for Good points out, these steps will “guide you through the logical and emotional sides of creating your story and engaging donors with the copy.”

Collect the pieces

Good storytelling requires creativity and planning.  Begin today with writing down a few thoughts about your why, the brand and the end user.  Who are they and why do they want to connect?

Storytelling is the core.

For any successful brand, authentic and quality storytelling at their core.

The key is to distinguish yourself from your competitors, be honest and deliver the promise of the brand every day.

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