Social media is like an endless series of parties

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social media parties

Social media is an endless series of parties and social functions, and you’re invited. (Don’t blow it.)

At a cocktail party, there are certain unspoken rules we abide by to get along with people (and not look like an idiot). We who understand these rules and offer some value aren’t invited back or end up alone. If you heed well, people will think you’re the host, not just an attendee because you show expertise. Social Media interaction is very similar.

It’s the same for social media. It’s not hard to understand the rules. When you follow them, you will find that you and your business will be a welcome and familiar guest. People will want to hear from you because you engage and are a giver.

Here are the guidelines. Think of them as your overall manners going into anyone’s home.

Be Decent
Don’t advertise! Doing so emits the foul stench of self-serving rudeness. If you show up and start talking about what you do, waving your business like a banner, people will lose interest. No one goes to a party to hear advertisements, and no one joins Facebook or Twitter to endure constant yammering about why they should use your product or service. Social media is not about free advertising; it’s about free networking.

Be Fun
Find out about the other party goers. Tell them you like them, and that’s it. Brag to others about them, too.

Be Respectful
Be courteous to other people at the party. You may disagree with someone, and you are free to express yourself, but do it diplomatically, or don’t disagree at all. You can afford to let someone be wrong, if you can’t argue with grace.

Ask Others About Themselves
This tip is fundamental for any social engagement, online or in person. Asking people about themselves shows that you find them attractive and value what they have to say. Who doesn’t like affirmation?

Be Helpful
Find a way to be helpful in every engagement, even if only to offer a ray of sunshine. Everyone likes free help and real advice. Pay attention to questions that people ask. Provide valuable insights. Maybe set up a free online help session, to connect with more people.

Don’t Spam (Be Interesting)
Spamming is the social media kiss of death. People hate spam. If you have something relevant to say, great. Join an appropriate conversation and say it. This is called a contribution. If people find it interesting, they’ll pass it along to their friends and connections. If they don’t? Well, maybe it’s just not that compelling. The key is to be the opposite of a repellent spamming bore.

Add your content strategically, with the noble goal of getting other people engaged.

Now go to the party and have fun! Let us know how it goes. We’re here to help!

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