The Digital Holiday and Social Media – Tips for building your reach and brand, NOW!

Oct 12, 2020Our Blog

If you are like me, social media is a big part of our social and business life. Over Thanksgiving, my social media consumption was off the charts, and I am not the only one. Social media is being devoured, especially over the holidays, and I expect that trend to continue this holiday season. If you are in business or building your personal brand, now is the perfect time to get geared up.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Google and even Snapchat should all be on your radar for building brand awareness and reach these next few weeks.

  1. Let your holiday spirit show

During the holidays, many businesses go out of their way to decorate to attract customers and be part of the festivities. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you’ll likely display the hallmarks of the season. You should consider doing the same for your webpage and social media.

On Pinterest, you could post photos of in-store holiday preparations or products with a festive frame. Maybe put up pictures of employees engaged in charity. Use Facebook and Twitter feeds to promote holiday specials, but also post feel-good news stories with a holiday theme.

Don’t forget that many shoppers using social media want to see products, specials, product reviews, and trusted referrals.

  1. Create shareable content

Having our content shared is the ultimate form of flattery, but it also the holy grail of consumer advocacy and trust. Sharing infers a type of social currency upon those able to educate and entertain their social media contacts. Everyone wants to be first to share incredible deals with family members, and hilarious memes or videos with friends.

Create good shareable content with a holiday theme. Very simply it will gain recognition, generate leads, increase followers and ultimately drive sales. Don’t forget to embed links, including CTAs, and encourage liking and sharing. Simply ask your followers to share. secrets to shareable content

  1. Incentivize and engage

There is no shortage of discounts and deals during the holidays. There are great ways to stand out from the crowd while building your following at the same time. Create member exclusives in addition to standard deals as consumer incentives to follow you on social media. For example, offer free goods once a day for anyone that follows your page and keep it updated.

It is essential to utilize targeted marketing to promote your contests or giveaways. This increases followers, membership, and overall customer engagement. Take aim then fire. Many of us do just the opposite when it comes to social media, we fire into the woods and hope we hit something.

  1. Connect with charities and be generous.

Team up with charities during the holidays, such as donating a percentage of proceeds from sales of specific items creates a halo effect of good. This is good for your brand and for the charity. More importantly, this creates a substantial opportunity to work with customers to contribute to those in need.

  1. Create a wave of content

In other words, hit all platforms with similar content at the same time.

For example, this blog piece will go out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the same picture all at the same time. This creates synergy, you should do the same.

The most successful marketing involves coordinating and driving social media presence, SEO services, online advertising, and marketing campaigns at the same time. Think of it as a digital media party, and you want everyone to come. But first, you have to figure out what they want to eat and drink (consume).

Action item:

Think about all of the platforms you use and create a rough draft of how you will use each:

  1. What is the goal of the marketing campaign? Keep in mind we must always GIVE first and ask after.
  2. Get out the whiteboard and consider what you want your customers to know about your business and your offer.
  3. Think about what you wish to your prospective and current clients to do when they see it? Like the page, click on the website, drop in their email, or purchase a gift for someone?
  4. Think about what is in it for them and why they may take action? Deliver a message that fits.
  5. Be consumer-centered and create a flood of digital reach in one sweep.

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